When is the right time…….NOW!

I hear it all the time.

‘It’s just not the right time for me.’
OK. When is the right time?
What exactly are you waiting for? 
The stars to align up perfectly?
 It never is the right time. Things are always going on. Things are always going to come up.
Here’s the latest one I received:
            Sorry this was not the right time for me to try your workouts. It’s been a little rough with my sister’s passing. Thanks for checking but I will not be continuing with the training.
Now I know you are saying have a heart the guy’s sister passed. But guess what— that is life. That is an example of things happening.
But what if your mom died, or your dad, or your brother, or sister, or spouse or friend or whoever?
Is that going to control you from taking control of your life. 
When is the right time? 
I’ll tell you exactly when the right time is—–
take action now in spite of fear and doubt mindtamer
People are so afraid to make changes. They try and avoid it as much as they can.
Because change requires work. Usually a lot of work and hard work.
So going from coach potato to working out is one of the hardest things to do.
Switching careers or jobs from a position you hate is hard.
‘I Hate this job but I’m good at it, or it’s super easy, and it pays the bills. If I get another one I’ll have to apply and go through interviews and meet new people, and…….. oh I’ll just stay here and be miserable until the time is right.’ 
The Pain isn’t great enough to move forward and out of that situation. Being comfortable is being average. Do you want to be average, or to you want to live extraordinarily.
Back to the original example with the person’s sister dying.
Don’t you think that person’s sister wants what is best for them? I would find it hard to believe that anyone’s sister would not want that. But my sister, your sister, this person’s sister, that person’s sister cannot get inside of YOU and internally motivate you to do it.
Whatever the IT is.
It’s up to you. You have to find the reason you want to change.
Whether it be to move away from pain or towards pleasure.
If you are overweight the reasons that might motivate you to change might be:
– diabetes
– heart disease
– embarrassment
– shortened life
– your kids are embarrassed by you
– not able to do certain activités
Pleasure reasons might be
-attract a  partner
– self confidence
– stronger
– healthier
– move better
– pick up a sport
the lists go on and on.
But the reason has to push you to change. To change away from whatever you want. It can’t just get you to talk about it. SHOW ME!
Show me how bad you want it!
Homework for you— No Joke. Do this if you are not doing it. 
Sit down, no distractions, turn off your phone, turn off facebook, turn off the TV. 1-2 hours sit down and figure out what you want in life.
What you really want in life?
Are you where you thought you were going to be when you hit your age? 
Are you doing what you want to be doing? Can you see yourself doing it for the rest of your life?
Do this, do not put it off!
Ask yourself the hard questions?
  • are you overweight or obese?
    • do you want to be?
  • are you in the relationship you want to be?
    • is it supporting you towards who you want to be and grow to become?
  • Are you going to school for the right reasons? Or is it because you feel culturally obligated or family obligated?
  • Do you like your job or career?
  • Are you sad all the time?
  • Are you anxious all the time?
Those last three was all about me. And then I found my passion. The reason I was put on this earth. It turned my life around.
I wasn’t put on this Earth to make collection calls to people that didn’t pay their pay day loans and yell at them all day and piss them and myself off, and cause me to be depressed and sad everyday I left and went into work. That wasn’t the life for me.
Enough was enough. I made the change, and so can you.
Do it!
Do the HOMEWORK I assigned in this email.
Send it to me if you want!
This is life. Don’t go through life  living dead.
Stay strong, Stay Positive, Be the Improvement Warrior!
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