Time: Our Most Precious Commodity- DON’T WASTE IT!

Probably the most common excuse for anything.

Time is our most precious commodity. We only get a certain amount of it and then it’s gone forever, and so our we, physically.

I don’t have enough time to _________

You fill it in.

mindtamer stop wasting time

I don’t have enough time to answer all my emails. To read all the books I want to watch. To create and edit all the videos I want to make. To work on all the projects I want to work.

But you know what, I still do. I still answer emails, read books, create videos, start work on new projects. I just don’t get them done as fast as I’d like.

But the thing is I still do it. Eventually I get it done. Most people won’t even do it. And that is the main difference between successful people and non-successful people.

The time is going to pass anyway.

Why not make it productive and fun. Why not move towards goals rather then further away from them? 

And are you even setting goals right now?

In the Mindtamer program goal setting is introduced right away, because it is by far one of the most important things in the entire program. Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily. Even longer! Then we create action steps to reach each goal we set.

Time is going to pass. You can’t stay where you are for too long. You are either progressing, or regressing.

I choose to progress. So do the people in our Mindtamer program. 

What is it that you want to accomplish that you always said you wanted to but never did? 

You can move closer to it. Start Now!

too busy for the important things but not too busy for bullshit

Every day is a gift, everyday you can become the Improvement Warrior!

Or would you rather be busy with the unimportant stuff? The stuff that keeps you regressing in life, while others surpass you.

If you want you can email me your goals: mindtamer@yunbootcamps.com

I want you to get better!

We have a certain number of moments in time on Earth. Procrastination doesn’t’ deserve your moments. Make them special. Strive for something big. Something bigger then you are. Find your passion and follow through. Take action. Massive action– everyday, every moment!!