The True Way Lasting Change- Daily Spiritual Practice

inner calm and spirituality will change your life

I have started to do a daily spiritual practice and daily practice that has literally changed my life. And I know it will change yours too.

I know what you are going to say and it’s what most people say when coming up with a reason why not to do something that they need to do—-

‘I don’t have time’

This is exactly what I thought. And you know what? Now that I do my daily practice and sadhana (daily spiritual practice) I have more time then I used to.

You see the mind is full of thoughts running wild and taking us all over the place. Something a lot of people call the Monkey Mind. Places we don’t want to be, things or people we don’t need worry about, situations we have no control over. And it is constant, all day, unless we are asleep, and some people still have their minds running while sleeping.

UNLESS you turn off your mind! And de-connect with the world.

My daily practice consists of several things. Here is a list and the meaning of each for me:

  1. Meditation– To me this is the most important and has had the most profound impact on my life. I started doing this in June of 2012. I usually listen to a guided meditation where it takes me some place or it focuses on a certain aspect that I need to be more aware of like breathing, love, body, nutrition, positivity, etc…. This is also a time where I absorb the things I have learned throughout the day, brining them into my subconscious so that I am able to eliminate all the clutter and just focus on the important things that really matter to me. You can read this post about my failings with meditation the first time I tried it here. 
  2. Warrior Yoga– This form of yoga was created for the Martial Arts. I am not a martial artist, but I do love their discipline and I now love Yoga. If you would of told me in bodybuilding days that I would be doing Yoga daily I would of knocked you out. This is my abiltiy to connect my breathing to body movements and poses. It also clears the mind, as I am totally present in what i am doing and not concerned with the daily noise that the world thinks is so important. In the Mindtamer program we teach you that breath and thoughts are the two things we can control. Some of the moves are challenging for me, but with daily practice I get a little bit better each day. Yoga is meditation in movement.
  3. Box Breathing– This is a breathing practice, or Pranayama, that helps to get in better control with the breath. The better control you are of your breath, the better you can control your mindset, thoughts, emotions, and actions. Which result in being in better control of your life. As I go through a meditation certification I am constantly learning new pranayamas, sometimes I switch them out for box breathing as well.
  4. Resistance Band stretching– Stretching with bands is the best way to increase dynamic flexibility. And life is dynamic, we are never static and in the same place. Flexibility is important just as strength training or nutrition is. Use it or lose it. If a joint or muscle is restricted it is opened up for injury and lack of mobility. I do not want my body to have a lack of anything which is why I stretch with the bands.
  5. Reading– I’m always reading or listening to books on tape. Highly recommend getting the Audible App (click the banner above). Books on business, motivation, mindset, change, finances, nutrition, fitness, strength coaching, philosophy, and a lot navy seal/army books. Education should never stop after ‘regular’ schooling. I’ve learned more since 2007 then I did in my entire life. ‘Reading is the mental food’ -Bruce Lee
  6. Reading Motivational Documents– I have some documents that I read at least 5 times a week. These documents include Keckich’s Credos- which are 100 philosphy tips that he created. They are awesome. Google Keckich’s credos, you won’t be sorry. It’s a document we gave to all Mindtamers as well. Other things I read are the Optimist’s Creed, I go back through an old book and re-read the highligthed sections, my monthly/quarterly/yearly goals, My Rules for my life, My 10 year vision, and 34 Business Maverick ideas from Yanik Silver. Finally I read a quote from my motivating quotes that I’ve downloaded over time. All of these things really keep me motivated to stay on track and keep moving forward.
  7. Gratitude Journal– Every night I write in my journal just expressing everything that I am happy for and grateful for. Things that happened that day, or people, or places. Really makes me realize how awesome my life is and that complaining does nothing because we are here for such a short period of time and we need to make the best of it.

Do you do any type of spiritual practivce or daily practice that makes you feel good? Let me know about it.

I guess I left one off the list and that would be my training, or workout. I usually try and get 5 in a week. Physical and mental fitness go hand in hand.

Bceoming more spiritual is one of the main things we try and instill in people going through the mindtamer program. It’s something that I know can change your life around, especially if you are not doing anything now. It’s something even just at the beginning of 2012 I never would of thought I’d be doing. But I was closed minded. I opened my mind and eyes and it entered me into a completely different lifestyle, frame of mind, and a new passion!

Give it a try! It’s only $1 for the first 14-days of Mindtamer.

Practice makes perfect!

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