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When is the right time…….NOW!

I hear it all the time. ‘It’s just not the right time for me.’ OK. When is the right time?   What exactly are you waiting for?    The stars to align up perfectly?  It never is the right time. Things are always going on. Things are always going to come up. * Here’s the […]


Time: Our Most Precious Commodity- DON’T WASTE IT!

Probably the most common excuse for anything. Time is our most precious commodity. We only get a certain amount of it and then it’s gone forever, and so our we, physically. I don’t have enough time to _________ You fill it in. I don’t have enough time to answer all my emails. To read all […]


Excuses are wasting your life

Do you constantly find yourself making excuses? Do you tell yourself that you are going to change for the better? Do you envision a life where you are happy all the time? What is stopping you from getting to that point? Excuses are! Changing for the better requires YOU Changing! CHANGE requires CHANGE You probably […]