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Are you Ready For 2021? Injection of Inspiration #27

Are you Ready For 2021? Injection of Inspiration #27 By Jason Yun, Author of the 34-Day Light Challenge Chuck the resolutions out the window. . Chuck 2021 as a better year out the window. . Are you ready for 2021? . 2020 to 2021 . Big changes coming, right? . Not for most people. . […]


The Year Of The Mind- 2020 versus 2021 (Jason Yun)

The Year Of The Mind- 2020 versus 2021 (Jason Yun) As we get set for 2021 in just a few short days–many people are hoping that a change in number will result in a change for the world……… in terms of what the world is going through. 2020 was an awesome year.  2021 will be […]


Everybody Needs A Coach

Everybody Needs A Coach A coach should be able to take you to a new level. Sometimes the person being coached will eventually surpass the coach. Patience.  Something Zach Even-Esh always says is ‘Weak people hate strong people.’ And it is true. I don’t understand when someone is giving this life that they completely waste […]


Where Life Leads No One Knows

Where Life Leads No One Knows…… Until you get there. Hope your morning is strong in many aspects of your life! We never realize where we will end up in life. I posted that pic of me at my first birthday because nobody knew what would come of me, or you at 1 year. People, […]

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Practice Makes Perfect

  Practice makes perfect, right? And that is with anything. Let’s take fitness for example. If you workout once a week, you aren’t going to get good at fitness. If you workout for 3 weeks at 4 times a week and then something comes up (family issue, personal, work, etc….) then you don’t workout for […]

Practice Makes Perfect

Sometimes you just need to take a break

Sometimes you just need to take a break.   We all are extremely busy these days. It seems like we are being pulled in 99 directions at once. & I’m certainly no different. It seems I am constantly working. Constantly moving towards my business goals, my training goals, etc… and whenever I’m not doing that, […]

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