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Inaction is Action

I talk about goals all of the time. Not just setting them but reviewing them and then following through with them— or as I love to call it– taking MASSIVE ACTION!!! That is the only way to move forward with your life. You can set all the goals you want– write them down, put them on your bathroom mirror, […]


Goal setting failure 101- Mindtamer

Set goals! Set Goals! Want to change, you have to set some goals! How many times have you heard it before? In order to be successful you have to set goals up. Well you know what—- it’s true! But how many do this scenario: Set up some goals get very excited about them, and the […]


Why people don’t set goals- Danny Cox – YouTube

Why people don’t set goals- Danny Cox – YouTube. Goals guide your life. Be a goal setter= making your own circumstances as long as you take action. Be a non-goal setter = you are reacting to everything and letting circumstance dictate your life.