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The Challenge of Life- Are you up for it?!

Murphy’s Law: Nothing is as easy as it looks,Everything takes longer than you expect,And if anything can go wrong, it will,At the worst possible moment. Life is a series of challenges. How you deal with these challenges will determine how great, or how not-so great your life is. You are born into this world and […]

Still up for the challenge........

Stop running your mouth and DO IT!

There are two kinds of people in this world. Doers and talkers. Which one are you? It’s ok if you are talker now. You can become a doer. I used to be a talker. But I found something I was extremely passionate about and I become a big time doer. But you got to find […]

Are you still talking or ready to take on.....

Excuses are wasting your life

Do you constantly find yourself making excuses? Do you tell yourself that you are going to change for the better? Do you envision a life where you are happy all the time? What is stopping you from getting to that point? Excuses are! Changing for the better requires YOU Changing! CHANGE requires CHANGE You probably […]