Stop running your mouth and DO IT!

There are two kinds of people in this world.

Doers and talkers.

Which one are you?

It’s ok if you are talker now. You can become a doer.

I used to be a talker.

Jason Yun used to be all talk, now he is all action improvement warrior
But I found something I was extremely passionate about and I become a big time doer.

But you got to find something that you are passionate about. Something that moves you to move away from your comfort zone. Something that gets you emotional charged!!!! And gets you moving. If you just sit on your emotions and nothing ever happens, that extra baggage is going to weigh you down and you will never get moving and get your life to where you want to get.

It doesn’t matter what it is- teaching, cleaning, wood working, inventing, designing websites, writing songs, non-profit work, coaching people, knitting, etc…….
Some people never find their passion. And that’s really a shame. We only have a limited time at life.

go after your passion and you will love life and be happy
I’ll tell you something– it takes work to find something you truly love.
In my opinion, lazy people are just people who are bored or sick. And they just need to find something that excites them.
Some people go their whole lives being ‘lazy’. Talking about what might be. What should of been? What should of happened? What might of happened if they did this or that?
But we only have one life, and time passes so quickly. Every single person was created with infinite power inside of them. We have to tap that power inside of us to become a doer.


So if you are ‘lazy’ right now, and come up with excuse after excuse of why your life is not where you want it to be- challenge yourself!

I challenge you! I Challenge You To Change!

Time is going to pass anyway, why not live it being productive.

Goal striving.


Procrastination is the killer of life!

get up and take action stop talking

If you don’t know where to start Mindtamer program can help you on your way. We introduce you to two of the most important things you can do throughout your life in the first module: Breathing correctly and Goal Setting.

Not just writing goals down and forgetting about them. But making you a goal striving, accomplishing machine. Those two things will improve your life dramatically. It certainly has me.

Mindtamer is basically the cliff notes of how I took my life to severe depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide to where I am today– becoming the improvement warrior. I’m happy, strong, and loving life. But I used to be just a talker. Talking about what I was going to do. Dreaming about all the money I would be making, the cars I would be driving, etc.. etc… It takes work……hard work to get things you desire in your life.

Anybody can change. Everyday gives you an oppuruntiy to make a change and make that day the best day possible. I have no more bad days. I only have bad moments. And they are rare and few. I know you can live the life you want, you just got to find your passion and take action.

excuses and action don't mix. become a mindtamer

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