Rules and Expectations to become a Tamer of the Mind

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obey your mind, feed it with positive thoughtRules and Expectations (these are subject to change):


1. In the forum/facebook page- Check in every Friday with your progress. This is an accountability tool that should not be taken lightly. Hence, why it is rule #1. Friday is checkin day, if you are late, explain why you are late. This needs to become a priority in your life. We are all counting on you to give us your updates and your improvements. If you did nothing that week, please checkin and let us know why.

  • Example checkins can be found in the forum here: Sample Checkin Post
  • You can still participate in the group if you do not checkin. We all get busy and sometimes different priorities take over. The people that get the most out of this program and do so the fastest will make check in’s every week one of their biggest priorities.



2. You will be given an accountability and motivation partner. Up to 3 other people in a group (so you, and up to 2 other people). These will be chosen at random.


  • You can have other accountability partners as well, that you are more familar with. But the people ‘assigned’ to you, will be going through the same things you are going through. Most likely will have the same questions, comments, and concerns.
  • These other MindTamers are people you can go to to bring out the best of you, and you in them.
  • Pay it forward……

#2 rule has been eliminated from the program. You can find your own accountability partner through mindtamer, or on your own accord. Or simply use the forum and facebook page. 


3. If you decide that this is not for you: Quitting

  • There may be many times when you think about quitting this program. Change is hard. The only time you truly fail is when you quit. There will be roadblocks. You will get knocked down. But wether you stay down or get back up will be on you. This program is not easy by any means. Most likely it will be the hardest thing you will ever do. 
  • The minimum commitment for this program is 3 months. Once you decide to go for it and do this program, you must go through the program for 3 months. This is not a program that we expect you to purchase and then just let it sit, doing nothing but collecting dust. You must ‘work’ the program for three months. After 3 months if you feel you cannot do it, then you may cancel.
  • This is just a rule I have set for the MindTamer program. There is nothing stopping you from canceling before the 3 months, only your integrity. Please cancel within the first 14 days (the trial period), if not we expect great things from you. You are always welcome to come back at another time if time was not right for you now. 
  • Talk to people on the forum or facebook group, most likely they went through the same feelings as you did. Remember there is no failing, unless you quit. This program is about change and it will not happen over night. 
  • An email is expected before you officially quit to explaining why you are quitting. I will try and talk you out of it. We want you to succeed. A change in mindset and life does not happen overnight. 


4. This site is a work in progress. If anything isn’t working correctly please contact me at once. This includes but is not limited to: webpages, links, videos, downloads, audios, graphics, etc…… There will be spelling and grammar mistakes as well. If you have any issues with that, please do not join. My purpose for creating this site and the content is to provide you with lessons that promote lifelong changes.


5. Each month there will be a new module or lesson.

  • Each module will be for 30 days. A new one will become available to you every 31 days
  • If you are not ready for the new module, that is ok. This is a self-guided program. So if it takes you 45 or 60 or 90 days to go through a module and master it that is fine. Do not feel pressure to move faster then you are able. Self-Mastery must occur first before moving on to a new module.
  • Inside of each module will be different aspects of Mindtaming and becoming a master of each. You will have homework assignments, nutrition assignments, physical (workout assignments),mind challenges, goal assignments, and much more. Every ‘assignment’ or task will be taught to you in different ways as I’m sure there will be different learners. So we will have video, audio, and written for most all parts inside of the module (when possible)
  • Each module will have it’s own Motivational U-Letter. This is a newsletter that is all about YOU and motivating YOU to stay on track. 
  • Your feedback on each section in the module is very important as you proceed through the modules. Like I said this is a work in process website. Some sections will be changed, added, modified; some will be moved to another module; some will be omitted; some will need to be more clarified, etc…… This is for your benefit as well as future MindTamers. A survey will be sent out periodically to assess each module and section. Your feedback is highly welcomed and appreciated.
  • Down below is a video taking you through the basic layout of the Modules:


6. Getting Better

  • Once you pass a module, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are done with it. You can always go back and relearn something. You want to make it so it becomes a part of your sub-conscious (something you don’t have to think about- like breathing).
  • It is actually recommended to go back and review some of the previous modules. As you progress and change most likely some of the stuff will have better meaning or a different meaning then when you first went through it.
7. Goal Setting
  • Goal setting is required. This obviously will be in Module 1 as it is one of the most important life skills you can ever learn and master.
  • Without a goal or someplace that you want to reach, your life doesn’t have a true purpose. We are all more important then we can ever know. And we all have the power to change lives. But it starts with you.
  • From goal setting comes challenges you will set for yourself and a vision for your life. What is your purpose? We will help you find it and conquer each and everyday. 
8. Daily Practice
  • As the modules progress you will be introduced to certain practices. Some of these will need to be implemented daily. In my life I have 6 daily practices that I try and accomplish. With everyday being different, I have set a goal to accomplish a minimum of 50% of my daily practice each day. But the true goal is 100%.
  • The practice habits are there to clear your mind and get you to focus on what’s important. Also to find an inner peace within you. The daily practice will be some of the most important things you will implement through this program. DO NOT SKIP IT!
  • At first you may think you will not have time for them, and that is negative thinking that we will need to change. Once implemented and as it becomes a habit, you will soon realize that you can’t do without it. It truly is powerful, life-changing stuff.

9. Change

  • You have to be willing to change in order for this program to work for you.
  • You have to come in with an open mind.
  • You have to be willing to try the things in the modules, no matter what you first think of them. Try and implement them into your life. It takes 21 days to form a habit, no matter if the habit is good or bad. Everything on this site is to help you become a master of yourself. 
  • You have to be willing to get rid of the things currently in your life that are holding you back. 
  • Progress is progress no matter how slow


which road will you take to master your life

It’s the Journey you need to focus on and enjoy, not the destination. Your Journey Starts Now- Change is coming

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