Practice Makes Perfect

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yoda is a master at practice to become a master of self mindtamer

Practice makes perfect, right?

And that is with anything. Let’s take fitness for example.

If you workout once a week, you aren’t going to get good at fitness.

If you workout for 3 weeks at 4 times a week and then something comes up (family issue, personal, work, etc….) then you don’t workout for 3 weeks. You are not going to get good at fitness.

You have to practice fitness, and you need to commit to fitness.

Let’s take anything else:

You have to practice ________, and you need to commit to ______, in order to go from starting to beginner to intermediate to advanced to elite to master.

When you started life, as a baby, you knew absolutely nothing. Your survival was based on your parents. If they did not take care of you, and attune to your needs you would die. But as you went through life, you learned different things. Everything was new to you. Things we don’t think about now were hard to first learn.

In order to walk, we had to crawl. In order run, we had to walk.

But from crawl to walk, we needed to learn how to stand. Did you stand the first time you tried it—– You probably don’t remember, but odds are you fell the first time you tried to stand. And odds are you fell quite a few times. But you kept on trying or PRACTICING until you got it. And since you got it, my guess is you’ve stood up at least once a day in your life since that point. That is the essence of Practice.

You are now a master of standing.

The more you practice things the better you get at them.



I have a daily practice I now perform and have incorporated into the different modules of Mindtamer for the students to consume and incorporate it into their lives. My daily practice consists of (in order of importance to me): meditation/visualization, warrior yoga, breathing practice, gratitude journal, daily motivational readings, and resistance band stretching.

These have become my improvement time. Do I do all of these everyday- NO. But it is the goal. Maybe once a month I miss a meditation. As I conisder that the most important to bring out the best in me. But the other 5 I would say I do at least 4 times a week.

Obviously if I did it all 7 days I would progress to master much much sooner. But like you and the billions of other people on Earth, things come up, and I cannot practice them all. But the most important part is if I miss it one day, I prioritize it the next day. So rarely, if ever do I miss 2 days in a row.

Without this practice I know that I cannot achieve the things that I want to achieve.

Let’s look at practice in a term most people consider practice to be– sports. And let’s look at someone who everyone knows- Michael Jordan.

As most people know, Michael Jordan was cut from his High School basketball team. Now what would of happened if he just got dejected and quit altogether right then and there. You wouldn’t know him. But he decided that wasn’t what he wanted. He rose up and practiced to get better. Eventually making to North Carolina, and then to the Bulls.

But what if he would of gotten complacent?

What if after one championship his mindset changed about practice.

‘I play to win, whether during practice or a real game. And I will not let anything get in the way of me and my competitive enthusiasm to win.’
-Michael Jordan

This was his mindset about practice and games all throughout his career. But let’s take a look at another NBA star’s mentality towards practice:

Michael Jordan NBA Championships =6
Allen Iverson NBA Championships =0

We must practice to get better.

If you want to be better at fitness, you must practice fitness. If you want do perform 100 air squats in 2:00, you must practice squats. A ‘starter’ of exercise simply does not have the strength and strength endurance to do that. You must build through consistency of doing. You must practice.

If you want a better position at work, you must practice the skills in your current position so you become a master. You do not get moved into a better position by being mediorce in your current position. Then when you are promoted to a better position, you must practice again the skills required for that position to become a master of that. Most likely you wouldn’t start from the ‘Starter’ position, there will probably be some carry over from the previous one. But you must constantly be striving to become better.

We are all goal strivers. It gives purpose. What are your goals? How are you going to get there? It doesn’t require just saying it, and wanting it, and hoping for it. It requires doing. Practice!!!!

But what happens when one becomes just good enough at doing? Again what if Jordan became satisfied with what he had done. What if he said to himself ‘I don’t like working on my weak points of my game because it is too hard, I’m just going to work on my jump shot or dunking.’

A lot of people do this, it is called the ‘comfort zone’. You can read an article I wrote here on getting out of your ‘comfort zone’.

But in order to get what we want, to live a life of what we truly want and dream of we must practice to become a master. And not get tied down with our ego letting us think that ‘good enough is good enough’.

Because if it is that will be your creed. Be the kind of person that inspires others to change. It is in all of us. You are a goal striver. Strive to be the best you can be.

It doesn’t matter what it is at. Strive to be the best that you can be:

  • at your job
  • at your workouts
  • at your nutrition
  • dad
  • mom
  • husband
  • wife
  • bowling
  • tennis
  • speaking a new language
  • burpees 🙂
  • kettlebell training
  • eating vegetables
  • drinking water
  • kicking bad habits
  • table tennis
  • reading motivational books
  • meditating
  • doing yoga
  • school
  • helping others
  • managing your time wisely
  • drawing
  • creating music
  • sports
  • landscaping
  • cooking
  • ANd the list goes on and on