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Mindtamer Forum


7 Responses to “Mindtamer Forum”

  1. Jeannie Porter says:

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Jeannie, I just became a Mindtamer member. I’m a 46 yr old mother of two who’s in need of change & motivation! I look forward to learning new things about myself & surroundings. Hoping that by taking this course I can not only better my life but my children’s lives also. The one person in my life who should be my biggest support is not. He can’t support me in my efforts because I don’t finish what I start. What he doesn’t realize is without his support it’s hard to continue. So with Jason’s encouragement and support from this group, I will make the necessary changes for myself & well being!


    • Jeannie,

      Welcome to Mindtamer!

      Most important part is starting. Set up a schedule for going through the content.

      Let me know if you have any questions

      SSSPIW (you’ll know what it means soon)

    • Tania Harden says:

      Hi Jeannie and welcome!

      I have been through the same situation. I have realized however that the person who I need the most support from is myself. I had to train myself to trust myself. I would set up little daily goals and build from there. Once I started changing, others around me started changing.
      For me, I just had to believe that I was good enough, capable and worth it. Sometimes it is better to show people than to tell them! Just remember this is a journey not a destination. We are striving for progress, not perfection!

  2. Jeannie Porter says:

    My local library did not have the book but they did have the DVD. I just finished watching it and my response is WOW! Excited to start writing my next chapter in life!

  3. Jeannie,

    Awesome! Your supposed to go into the forum sections to leave your posts 🙂

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