Where Life Leads No One Knows

Where Life Leads No One Knows……

Until you get there.

Hope your morning is strong in many aspects of your life!

We never realize where we will end up in life. I posted that pic of me at my first birthday because nobody knew what would come of me, or you at 1 year. People, society, school, businesses etc….. will all try and dictate your path.

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Circumstances lead us down a path.

Sometimes we never get off the path even when it’s the wrong path in life.There will always be twists and turns.

I always think being a strength coach, how many Larry Birds, Michael Jordan’s, Lebron’s etc……. might there have been or even half their talent that we never got to see because of circumstances—-a crappy strength coach who took an athelte through a program or a super cool exdercise on instagram and injured them forever…..???? There is literally 1000’s of different circumstances that can influence a life.

We will never know.

Of course being a great player is more then talent. It’s hard, hard work. And also smart work.

Because anybody can work hard, but if you are working hard in the wrong direction or wrong skillset then we won’t get anywhere.

And where is ‘anywhere’?

We are told over and over again what success looks like?

A lot of people chase that and then when they get their they are unhappy or not fulfilled or both.I’ve chased things.I’ve wanted to be a lot of things.

My first memories of wanting to be were:

-firefighter-policeman-astronot-The Next Michael Jackson-Fullback for the Bears (because my 7 year old self believed # 34 would play forever :)-The Next Sly-WWE Heavyweight Champion-GYm Owner-Fitness business owner-Nutrition guru-Motivational speaker

-and on and on……

To now.41 years after this picture I still am figuring it out.I have been stretched more then ever since September 2018.

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Coached really.

And taught.

About things that I thought were done.



Turns out most of it was just half-truths.It has taught me that education should never really end.


If it does then you are there.

You have reached your peak or the summit of your personal mount everest.

My peak keeps getting higher and higher.

Which is good.

Because I know my potential is higher then I ever thought it was.

And so is yours.

Jack kruse teaches mitochondria and sunlight

But it needs to brought out.We cannot reach anywhere near our full potential without a coach.

I have had many of them through the years.

Sometimes multiple ones during the same time.They don’t have to be a physical coach like a sports coach or a strength coach. They can be books, dvds, podcasts, etc……

But we must search them out, or take action, massive action and the right one will be shown to you when you are ready.

It’s all about being ready.

Because you can be on the 4th floor of a burning building and not realize there is a fire in the basement. And not get out in time. Many people don’t wake up in time to get out of the burning building– even after years and years or even decades of ‘burning’.

I realize my mission has to wake people up.

I’ve been a little more agressive with my messages and teaching aboiut the things I am learning.It’s resulted in me being called a quack, a moron- a super moron- super super moron (by the same person), stupid, etc…..

Fortunately it has not deterred me.

It actually has made me stronger.

Stronger in my convinctions in that I know I am on the right path, and I have to continue and be strong because there are people who will die if I don’t.There are already many people who have died.

I have been in buysiness since 2007. 13 years. Millions of people have died. Some that I could of helped.

This whole quarantine is making a lot of business change–forever. Some will never open again.

Mine will be different and is different for sure.

I talk about things no other fitness trainer talks about.

But I don’t consider myself a trainer. Haven’t in a while.

I am a work in progress.

As are we all.

I am like Michaengelo.

Working with Clay to sculpt something amazing.

We all have that power.

We all have something inside of us that just needs to be let out. But we have to keep moving in order to find it, or find something, or somebodfy that helps let it out.

Some days we will go through drought and our clay will harden and it will fell like even with ginger steps everything around us breaks and falls into a million pieces.

Some days will be a downpour and the clay gets too mushy and everything globs together— not making sense, not being able to sculpt what we want.

That is life.

Even the successful that you know go through that.

But they keep going.

Persistence and consistence are skills that need to be cultivated.

I have no doubt that if this pandemic would of happened in 2005-2207 that i would be one of the suicide casulties that so many have suffered from.

But everything happens for a reason.

I am happy.

I am grateful for everything I have experienced because I know it has sheped and molded me into who I am.

And it will continue to mold me into who I need to become.

I am here.

You are here.


To do something great.I look foward to the journey.

It will be never-ending.

But it will be worth it.

Because life is short and precious.

Move with purpose today and always.

Stay Strong, Stay Positive, Be the Improvement Warrior!

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