Everybody Needs A Coach

Everybody Needs A Coach

A coach should be able to take you to a new level. Sometimes the person being coached will eventually surpass the coach. Patience. 

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Something Zach Even-Esh always says is ‘Weak people hate strong people.’

And it is true.

I don’t understand when someone is giving this life that they completely waste it.

Life should be a constant improvement.

Now granted I had my moments where I completely sucked. I was an indoor zoo animal, I ate like crap, got no sun, went to work in a dead-end job, came home and watched tv or movies the rest of the night and repeat.

I got in that mess because I followed traditional advice.

That’s the advice of the weak.

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That’s the advice to settle. Not to question anything.

That’s why you have to find someone who lives differently.

It isn’t hard to find.

I talk about coaches all the time. You don’t need to know them. They don’t even need to know that they are your ‘coach’.

Don’t have motivation: Go to a seminar youtube: tony robbins, david goggins, eric thomas, Les brown, Zig ziglar, and on and on.

Don’t have or know your purpose: Find a book on it (just not on kindle-stay off the tech)

Don’t know what to eat? Hire a nutritionist, join one of my challenges, hire me. read a book, etc…

Out of shape? Hire a trainer. Join my programs. Read a book. Etc…..

Suck at your job or hate it? Find a business coach, watcha webinar on youtube, write a better resume by finding something to show you how, start a side business to take you out of it.

You suck as a parent-– hire a parenting coach, read a book, attend a workshop, etc…

Your child is slow and sucks at sports? Hire a coach. Join my program. watch a video. Find out why they are slow and find the solution.

Your midset sucks and are anxious and worried all the time? Find a meditation guru. Go to yoga class. Hire a life coach, etc…..

Your sleep sucks– get a sleep coach or doc, read a book, watch a video, read a blog…..just don’t take melatonin or sleep meds.

All of these are examples of coaches that can be in you life.

Once you have them they should help get the ball rolling in the right direction.


More momentum

It keeps building up, so you become better.

If you are not focusing on getting better then you are getting worse.

One coach isn’t enough. Maybe it is when you are starting off

So find that one area you are sick and tired of sucking at and go.

Go find someone or something that can help you.

A pad and pencil can be a coach.

Don’t settle for being the same as you were yesterday. Because more then likely there are people relying on you.

Change doesn’t happen until you start doing things differently.

Let’s go!

Conquer the day. And remember change will never happen permanetly if you are unhealthy. Health coach is one should have.

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