Don’t let yourself be programmed- Bob Proctor

Don’t let yourself be programmed- Bob Proctor

‘Don’t let yourself be programmed’. ~Bob Proctor

It is hard not to.

With so many sources of information coming at us.

But that is what we have to do.

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In order to stay strong.

I say it all the time- MINDSET MATTERS MOST.

Train your mind above all.

Physical training does train the mind. Eating the proper fuel and drink helps our minds work better. Seeing the morning sunrise and sun raises our dopamine levels to think better.

All great stuff.

However, we have to take time to solely focus on mental training.


And it can be the same thing over and over again. The same seminar, youtube video, podcast, etc…….

My message is basically the same thing over and over again. So is Bob Proctor messages.

Repetition is the key to learning. Unfortuantely the mass media knows this.

Which is why I never watch the news. And I even made an entire lesson about it in my Mindtamer program.

Bob Proctor who I think said he was 82 in this interview with Lewis Howes on the school of greatness is a man with a mission. And it comes through in his voice. Passion when so many at his age are not even alive anymore or severely limited.

Here is the interview

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Ready to take your mindset to another level? Mindtamer is all about changing your thoughts from negative to positive. It won’t be any easy road. Success has many roadblocks. Don’t let procrasination be one of them for you.


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