Decide to Change- Election 2012 – YouTube

Decide to Change- Election 2012 – YouTube.

Who wins the election determines how successful you will be, right?
That apparently is what most people seem to think.

Especially if you read through your Facebook wall or twitter feeds. Or search the Internet.

But you know it really doesn’t matter. At least to me. And to all the other successful people that know what true success is all about.

If you want really want to be successful here is a simple thing you can do. And you can start doing it on Wednesday morning

Wake up. Go after what you want in life.

Good things don’t come to people who just sit around and wish but do absolutely nothing to change their situation. You have to do work.
Change is hard and it requires hard work, consistent work, and planning.

Obama isn’t going to make things happen for you. Romney isn’t going to make things happen for you.

You have got to want it. Then you have to make it happen.

There is no easy button.

Your circumstances occur because of you.

If you complain and moan about your situation but you do nothing to change it– that is going to be your life. You are a talker. A dreamer.

The successful ones are the ones that figure out what they want, plan how to get there and then take action to get there.

I’m writing this on Election Day 2012. Good luck to Mitt Romney. Good luck to Barack Obama. I’m sure ill hear who wins. But I’ve got action
to take to move me closer to my goals and dreams.

What are you going to do with the rest of your life? Life can change in an instant. All you need to do is decide. You decided to vote, decide to
change your life. Decide to be happy. Decide to be successful.


Don’t wait until the moment is right. Because it never will be. Something always is going on in your life. Quit making excuses and create your life.