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Getting Started- How to start becoming a Mindtamer

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Welcome, [wlm_firstname]

Thank you for stepping up and joining the ranks of the other Mindtamer’s who are on the path to becoming an Improvement Warrior!

I, again, am Jason Yun, and I will be guiding you on this journey, that I personally have taken not too long ago. And of course, am still on the journey myself, every single day. Please note Your credit card statement will show a charge from CLKBANK*COM.

Not one day passes where I am not trying to improve myself in regards to the 6 Positive Strengths which you will soon be learning all about.

This page will describe to you how to get started. The best methods to use and the best use of your time as you go through the modules and lessons.

1st: Watch this video. It will take you through a guided tour of Module one and some of the other things we have here on the site.

2nd: Be sure to go to the Members Home Page and download the Welcome to Mindtamer PDF. Also underneath the Member’s HomePage you will be able to click directly to a Module, Meditation session, and Warrior Yoga session. But keep in mind each module is sequential so you may not yet have access to that section yet. Also it depends on which Mindtamer membership you have as well. There is a planned progression we have for you to develop your 6 Positive Strengths in the best possible way.

3rd: If you have any questions along the way, please post them in the forum or the facebook group. Or there is a contact box on the left side of every page.

4th: Remember that I am simply a guide. The techniques taught in this program are what worked for me. Each will have a different meaning for you. I want you to come up with your WAY. Question everything. Find YOUR TRUTH!

5th: There is a resource center that has all the bonus materials here. Everything from all the modules that I mention as bonus material in a module is here. We expect you as a Mindtamer to have integrity and not download ahead of schedule.

6th: Please connect with me on my social networks. If you need to send me a personal message you can either use the contact me box on the left side of every page, or you can email me at Both will go to the same place.

7th: In module #1 and the nutrition module, set up a schedule to go through the content. This is vital. You cannot change, you cannot improve if you do not DO. The time for excuses has past. Strive for betterment. Do not be destracted by things or thoughts that have held you back in the past.

Stay strong, Stay Positive, Be the Improvement Warrior.

yoda is a master at practice to become a master of self mindtamer

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