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Affiliate Referral Partner FAQ

 Frequently Asked Questions Affilate Referral Center

affiliate make money with Jason yun


1. Who can become an affiliate for Mindtamer?

Anyone! You do not need to have a website. All you need to do is register in the form below, all of the information will be sent to you so you can start earning those commission checks.  It is free and super easy to do.

Once you do that you can sign up for the affiliate newsletter, where we will send you some important deatils about upcoming promotions and stuff. And if you are new to affiliate marketing we have a beginner email sequence you can also get to speed you along.

Once you have your special link for whatever product you want to promote you can start promoting it basically anywhere.
2. How to get started as an Mindtamer Affilate?

Once you have become an affiliate you will be sent access to the Referral Resource Center  (RRC) on Infusionsoft.

make money by being an affiliate jason yun

Please take a few minutes to get acquainted with the features and each of the tabs. It is pretty easy to navigate and learn.

We also have a Beginner Affiliate Checklist of different tasks you can do to help the most people and make the most money for you.


3. How to ‘Mask’ your affiliate URL

This is more for advanced affiliates. If you are simply just referring the products to your friends and family the auto links that are generated in the RRC should be fine.

But they can be kind of ugly, especially to an advanced affiliate.


But this looks a little better:

So it is best to try and use a DISPLAY URL rather then the hop link URL.

For example, the HTML code for your website or blog might look like this:

<a href=””>

Another way to mask the link is to use a ‘redirect’. This is where you buy your own domain name and have it “re-direct” the new domain name through the affiliate link. Having your own domain name will also improve your efforts. So if you are going to go this route you need to:

  1. Go to a web hosting service.,, I prefer And buy a domain name (which will be your website name). So let’s say you bought the name “”
  2. Now you have your domain name and your affiliate link.
  3. In the webhosting service that you used, you will have a domain manager or control panel. You can also call customer service and they can set this up for you.
  4. You want to set it up so it forwards the domain. So whenever someone enters in their browser or clicks on it. It is automatically redirected through your  affiliate link.
  5. So now if the person you referred purchases it you will get credit! If they don’t buy right there, and they still can come back within the next 100 days you still get credit for the sale.
  6. Plus you can also use that domain in emails, facebook, twitter, articles, etc……..


4. What if somebody steals my Affiliate Link?

Don’t worry. All of Infusionsoft links for the RRC are encoded, which encrypts the affiliate and vendor nicknames you choose. So  your affiliate link will flash for less the .5 seconds and the redirect to one of my main websites. But the Cookie (tracking code) has already been laid down for the person that clicked the link.


5. How many people do I need to send to one of your services before I start making some sales?

This is where a lot of affiliates start to get impatient. Some people think that if they send someone over to the site  it should result in a sale. If they send over 50 people then that should be a bunch of sales.

Unfortunately that isn’t how it works.

Compare it to a physcial customer in a physical store. I’m sure you have been to a store and the sales clerk asks ‘can I help you with something?’

“No thanks, I’m just looking.’

Have you ever said that?

So you need to take into account the entire sales process. Some people will just be browsing. Some will buy. Some may not be interested in that particualr item, but may be interested in another one. Some will sign up for the Mindtamer Newsletter where I will drip vital fitness and nutrition content that will hopefully persuade them to purchase Mindtamer.

So as an affiliate you should have the goal to get in front of a potential customer who is specifically looking for the service you are promoting. You need to accept the fact that a lot of folks will simply ‘browse’ and not buy. But remember they still may come back another day and buy. Infusionsoft puts a cookie on them for up to 100 days.

If you are referring friends and family your sale % will probably be a little higher.

And remember the goal of my sites is to get them to buy right then and there and become a member. Or get them to sign-up for the newsletter, where I drip educational content and continue to sell the value of the services. The links in my newsletter are just to the main site, so they still remain under you if they buy at a later date.


6. What should I put on my website/blog to help promote Yun Services?

Your website should target a specific niche. This way you can personalize the communication to your readers and being searching for certain topics.

For example: Using Mindtamer as an example. People that use this service will most likely be the type that are looking for a change. They are tired of their job/career, where they are in life, relationships, etc….  So you could gear an article towards people that talks about a list of things they could do to transition out of their current job into something they like to do and make their final days at their old job more enjoyable. Or you could do a video talking about the different aspects of meditation and then point them to the site with your special link.

Your website should also include an honest review of each of the services or products you plan on promoting. Tell the readers what is good, not good (hopefully not too much :).

Put up as much original material from you as you can, as well as some of the Done-For-You stuff in the resources section of this site. Each product has it’s own Done-For-You content in the RRC.


7. How to write emails to your list

1. First off, act as if you are writing to one person not a group of people. Use stories or examples as often as you can. People like stories and can relate to them more easy.

2. Don’t be boring. Put some enthusiasm into your emails. But still be authentic. People can tell a phony.

3. Don’t be vague. Our services aren’t for everybody. Let them know the benefits of the service you are promoting and how it will change their life.

4. Be specific. Don’t promote more then one service or product at one time.

5. Put yourself into the emails. Include them in your life. Did you see a movie over the weekend? Go on a date? Buy a puppy? Have a baby? People can relate to real people more often then somebody who sends out emails and they don’t personally know. By including your life in the email, people are more apt to like and trust you, which leads to more sales.

6. Feel free to subscribe to any of my newsletters and see how I do it


7. I see you have a newsletter on each of the services and products you offer. If I send someone to your site and they sign up for that newsletter do I still get the commission?

Yes you do. As long as it falls within 100-days. Infusionsoft, who the products are sold by, has a 100-day cookie on all affiliate links. So if they come on day 1 and are interested but don’t have time to purchase for whatever reason and come back on day 49 or 99, or any day between 1-100, and buy, you will get the comission for that sale.

Some of our affiliates are concerned that the newsletter will send out links to the services and cancel out the affiliates comission. That simply won’t happen because in the newsletter I only use direct links (i.e-,,, etc…..) These links are devoid of tracking, so you will still get your rightful credit.

You actually want people to subscribe to the newsletter because we simply are going to continue to sell the service. Some people don’t buy the first time they ever see something, I think it’s 7 times or more until they buy. So if you are following up and I am folllowing up, they will become customers in no time.


9. Is it ok to use the Yun images on landing pages?

Yes it is! We highly recommend it. Images increase conversion dramtically. Feel free to use any in our resource center. If you create your own, please be sure to send it to us so we can upload it to the resource center as well.


10. Can I use video to promote the Yun Services?

Yes you can. We have video done for you, that is strictly for affiliate promotion (no special links or anything). But you are more then welcome to create your own video to promote any Yun service or product.

We have created quite a bunch of videos on my Youtube channel, not all of them are affilaite friendly though. But you can check them out:

YunTraining Youtube Page

There will be a specific page just for affiliate videos which will be emailed to you once you become a partner of ours.

Check out the resource center of each product for more videos you can use.


11. Still have questions about being a successful affiliate?

send your email to


We are always trying to improve the site. So if anything is wrong please contact me as soon as you can. We wouldn’t be able to help as many people as we do without you. So Thank You!

Every person you help to refer to us, you are helping out and probably changing a life. So you are awesome for that!

Stay Strong and Stay Positive!

Jason Yun

affiliate make money with Jason yun

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